Too often in grid connection of a new site is required the construction of supply air network. “New Energy Pro” Ltd. offers you design, construction, and legalization of 6, 10, 20, 36 kV, 110 kV air distribution lines.   

The cable lines consist of several cables together with all the devices attached to them, ensuring the transfer and distribution of the electric current. When they are designed, it is imperative to take into account the expected development of the network, its tasks, the characteristics of the terrain through which it passes and the cable laying characteristics, ultimately safety is crucial. The main types, characteristics, methods of construction and the requirements for them are laid down in Ordinance 3 on the Structure of Electrical Installations and Electricity Lines.

Cable duct networks up to 20 kV are designed for small and medium enterprises and are also called medium voltage lines. For residential, public and commercial buildings are usually constructed low voltage networks.

The construction of electricity networks is a complex and responsible task once because it is potentially dangerous to life and property of the people and the second time, because of their quality and effective work depends on the comfort in housing or profitability of business buildings.

We maintain a team of qualified, highly qualified professionals. We keep an eye on the technical and technological innovations in the industry and the changes in the regulations. We select the most suitable materials of guaranteed quality for each site. We guarantee our work and take over warranty and post-warranty support.

Assign us your project and we will execute it in the best possible way!