Transformer stations are an integral part of the electrical installation. They are all complete with transformer, safety, indoor and outdoor distribution facilities necessary for the proper and continuous reliable power supply. The technical specifications of each power station are determined by the needs and characteristics of the consumers in the power supply.

“New Energy Pro” Ltd. designs, constructs and reconstructs the main types of complex and transformer stations:

  • Concrete Complete Transformer Strips (BKTP) are preferred, with equal other conditions, to enable the appearance of the facility with surrounding buildings.
  • Building type – usually ground floor,
  • Monoblock type,
  • Underground or shaft transformer substations,
  • Mast transformer substations – lifted up – on pillars or special grounds.

We have highly qualified professionals for each stage of implementation of the complex and transformer stations. We have modern technology and we have the necessary facilities. When choosing the type and the scheme of the respective installation, we strictly observe the normative requirements and the characteristics of the medium voltage grid as well as the specific supply norms for the production enterprises.

It is important to keep in mind that ground and underground transformer substations must have free access from the outside – from the street, and enough space to carry out installation and deconstruction if necessary.

After completing and running on the transformer station, you will receive complete documentation of the type, characteristics, test results, operating instructions, and so on.

When you are about to connect an object to the electrical grid and it is necessary to build a transformer station – call us. We provide all the necessary information about the procedures and we discuss with you all the details to help you choose the optimal option.