The earthing installation is a connection between the light protection, the electrical installation of the building and equipment with the earth layers. The task is to take the electrical charge to the ground where its energy is dissipated and to equalize the potentials. The goal is maximum safety for residents and workers, safe operation of the facilities, fire prevention and constant supply of electricity.

There are different types of earthing installations according to the functions and the conditions under which they will be carried out and the design voltage they will take. They are performed differently in order to maximize their performance. Different formats and technical solutions are used – vertical, horizontal, mixed. The depth to which it is reached is directly related to the risks specific to the facilities and installations and the prescriptions of the normative documents. Sometimes it is necessary to penetrate the depth according to the conductivity of the earth layers.

“New Energy Pro” Ltd. offers you the implementation of earthing installations:

  • for buildings,
  • for electrical panels and equipment,
  • for lightning receivers

Keep in mind that building the earthing system when building the site will be most efficient and cheap. We can, of course, also realize it in existing buildings and electrical installations. We fully engage with the necessary tests, documentation, and support. Contact us also and when you have problems with existing installation.

Call us if you find it hard to assess what type of installations you need! Our specialists will discuss the things with you and will offer you the best concrete solution. We have enough experience and knowledge in building earthing installations, so you will get an excellent functioning facility at the best adequate price.