“New Energy Pro” LTD – Plovdiv deals with the construction of all types of electrical installations from design to maintenance and repair. We have the experience, qualified professionals and technical equipment to electrify your home, your business site, your hotel or your production workshops.

Our team includes licensed specialists for whom there is no secret

  • design,
  • software
  • building,
  • the installation of the required electric panels,
  • the installation of the appropriate CIP equipment,
  • preparation of mandatory operating documents,
  • putting objects into operation,
  • diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs.

Our professional skills and technical resources rely on when you need power, weak current or wiring for electricity, lightning protection or grounding system, aerial network, manufacture, and installation of a transformer station or distribution system. We can provide you with fully automated reporting and tracking of their work. We manufacture precisely all the necessary types of electrical panels.

Whether it’s electrical installations in

  • residential buildings,
  • public and office centers,
  • industrial and commercial establishment,

we work equally responsibly. We only use materials of official origin and proven quality. Our installers are highly qualified and have proven their skills in the implementation of many responsible projects.

We carry out all the necessary trials and tests required by the law before putting the equipment into operation by applying the most modern control devices and technologies.

Contact us to discuss with you the necessary parameters and characteristics suitable for the building and its electrical functions. Contact us if you are looking for a reliable partner for ongoing prophylaxis and maintenance of your electrical installations and facilities.