Lighting is an important aspect of the electrical installation of any building, whether residential, commercial, public or industrial. In addition to its purely practical aim of illuminating and facilitating human activity, it also has decorative tasks and a pronounced psychological impact on people. It is built according to the requirements of several regulations and BDS EN 12464-1: 2002.

Internal lighting installations should be realized as separate circles, so as not to remain in the dark, in case of an accident in any of them, the entire building. It should be provided for:

  • a duty light – especially in industrial and public buildings. It is on a self-dependent circuit that is under tension and when the fuse is off. Its task is to provide quick and safe access to the board.
  • Emergency lighting – can be solved as a self-dependent system and powered by batteries to perform its role optimally and in major accidents.
  • Evacuation Lighting – Indicates the road of possible evacuation.
  • Interior lighting – divided into a common and local light source location. Mixed systems are most commonly used.

External lighting installations include:

  • facade,
  • street,
  • park,
  • advertising lighting.

When designing the respective low-voltage lighting installation, we – from New Energy Pro Ltd. – take full account of the planned activities and the illumination defined in the norms for them. This determines both the locations and the way of installation of the illuminants, as well as their number and power, the type of keys, and so on.

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