Lightning during spring and summer storms often causes serious damage to buildings and facilities. That is why we, from “New Energy Pro” Ltd., have dedicated part of our activity to lightning protection.

In recent years more and more confidence wins active protection. It is performed with lightning receivers foresight. They are activated when the strongest electric charge from the clouds is thrown to the ground. It induces the opposite polarity charge in the receiver. The two charges occur at a certain distance from the top and are destroyed. This distance from the meeting point to the receiver is the radius of the protected area. Active lightning protection is suitable for larger public, commercial and production sites. It does not need power, does not attract lightning, and does not lose any radiation…

Conventional lightning protection is achieved through so-called rod-type receivers or lightning-receiver networks, which are mainly used for flat roofs. They accept the charge from the sky and lead it to the earth by wires. For traditional rod receivers, also called “Franklin Rods”, the size of the protected zone depends on the height of the facility. Because it is limited by the possibility of strengthening it, it is often used by several receivers.

Lightning protection does not protect electrical and communications networks from overvoltage as a result of lightning strikes on them. Keep in mind that overcharge spreads to a few kilometers from the point of hit, so arrestor protection (from overvoltage) is mandatory. It’s collective when it’s mounted on the main boards and individual when it’s in your panel.

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