The power lines in a building installation are those that provide the power to power electric consumers. In one home are the boiler, the stove, the washing machine, etc. In the industrial enterprises – the machines and the equipment are powered by powerful electric motors. The power plant with all its contact points, plus the lighting installation, is the overall electrical installation of the building. It is good to know that for each consumer with amperage above 16A a separate line is required.

We are “New Energy Pro” Ltd. and you can assign us the design, construction and maintenance of:

  • low voltage (LV) networks,
  • power lines for electrical panels,
  • cable systems of canals up to 20 kV (medium voltage),
  • underground cable networks,
  • power lines for machines and equipment.

We have enough experience in the construction and maintenance of various types of electrical installations, well-trained designers, installers with high professional skills and technicians, excellent technical equipment and the desire for long-term partnerships.

In our work, we fully comply with the prescriptions of the normative documents in order to provide our users with reliable and secure power supply, maximum protection and fire protection, simplicity and ease of use of the installation and maximum efficiency and economy. We coordinate the projects and the construction itself with the respective electricity distribution company.

If you are going to rebuild the apartment with new electrical appliances or replace the production machines in the workshop with more powerful and more modern ones, you need a project for replacement of the power installation. If you have any hesitation, what exactly and how it needs to be done, call us, we will consult you.