Electrical engineering covers all stages of the research and design, the supply of materials and the installation, tests and the commission of electrical installations and equipment.

It requires a team with multilateral training – high professional qualification and secured competence, excellent knowledge of the electromechanical market, normative documents regulating the rules in this sphere, and so on. “New Energy Pro” Ltd. has the necessary specialists, equipment and know-how, as well as with sufficient experience in order to cope with every given electrical engineering task.

When you contact us, we will do the necessary preliminary research and develop a technical assignment that reflects your investment intentions. Following is the preparation of technical and working projects, according to the assignment you have already done and approved.

We supervise responsibly, accurately and authors over the entire construction process as well as full control over the origin and quality of the input materials. At any time and at every stage of the construction of the facility we are at your disposal for further technical consultations. We complete each site with the preparation of accurate and concrete executive documentation, reflecting adequate the actual work actually done and the changes imposed by the practical implementation in the initial project.

We perform adjustment and commissioning of the sites and we are engaged to prophylaxis, maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repairs.

We are a correct partner with a team of excellent professionals and behind us we have completed residential buildings, public and business centers, manufacturing enterprises and warehouses. If it is difficult for you to clarify the characteristics of your required electrical installation and electrical equipment, contact us and we will help you.