New Energy Pro Ltd. deals with design, manufacture and installation of electrical installations – low, medium and high voltage. We have experience in implementing different types of sites – residential buildings, industrial, public and administrative buildings.
We have our own base (including a workshop for the manufacture and assembly of electrical panels and non-standard equipment), transport and modern equipment. Our team includes experts from different spheres with rich professional experience and skills. Our team offers adequate solutions to any problems encountered during work, and strictly enforces the quality and safety measures in the construction of electrical installations. That is why we guarantee quality and long, reliable exploitation of our completed construction sites.

Inform yourself about the different types of services we offer – manufacture of:

Lightning protection installation

Lightning during spring and summer storms often causes serious damage to buildings and facilities. That is why we, from “New Energy Pro” Ltd., have dedicated part of our activity to lightning protection.

Electrical installations

“New Energy Pro” LTD – Plovdiv deals with the construction of all types of electrical installations from design to maintenance and repair. We have the experience, qualified professionals and technical equipment to electrify your home, your business site, your hotel or your production workshops.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering covers all stages of the research and design, the supply of materials and the installation, tests and the commission of electrical installations and equipment.

Power supply lines

The power lines in a building installation are those that provide the power to power electric consumers. In one home are the boiler, the stove, the washing machine, etc. In the industrial enterprises – the machines and the equipment are powered by powerful electric motors.

Lighting installations

Lighting is an important aspect of the electrical installation of any building, whether residential, commercial, public or industrial. In addition to its purely practical aim of illuminating and facilitating human activity, it also has decorative tasks and a pronounced psychological impact on people. It is built according to the requirements of several regulations and BDS EN 12464-1: 2002.

Earthing (Grounding) installations

The earthing installation is a connection between the light protection, the electrical installation of the building and equipment with the earth layers.

Air and cable networks

Too often in grid connection of a new site is required the construction of supply air network. “New Energy Pro” Ltd. offers you design, construction and legalization of 6, 10, 20, 36 kV, 110 kV air distribution lines.   

Complex and transformer stations

Transformer stations are an integral part of the electrical installation. They are all complete with transformer, safety, indoor and outdoor distribution facilities necessary for the proper and continuous reliable power supply. The technical specifications of each power station are determined by the needs and characteristics of the consumers in the power supply.


Switchgear (Distribution systems) represent a combination of electrical appliances – measuring, protective, switching; cables, reinforcing and auxiliary parts, which have the task of receiving, distributing and redirecting electricity to power stations, substations, large consumers such as production and business enterprises and so on. They are mounted for medium and low voltage.

Manufacture, assembly and installation of electric panels

Electrical panels are part of every electrical installation. They represent a set of elements performing distribution, measurement, protection, control and management functions toward the installations and the facilities they supply.